Donut Judge Me

After meeting Kawaii Kitty, Zommie's travels became much happier, little K.K. accompanied her new friend to all corners, sometimes even to undesirable ones, like the ship's bathroom.

After a while, Zommie managed to teach her little friend some basic care, like doing her own needs in the bathroom, not eating more than necessary, and not jumping onto the control buttons.

Space life was getting livelier and when Zommie was homesick, she could always count on Kawaii Kitty to cuddle her and have a good "conversation".

Once, Zommie woke up determined to teach her friend some of her best skills, maybe Kitty could help with the chores of her home ship while Zommie drive and study the stars.

The unicorn astronaut spent hours demonstrating and explaining to her friend the simplest tasks, to which K.K. reacted nodding her head excitedly.

_ (Kawaii Kitty) Mmmeeoowww!

Zommie went with Kitty to the ship's kitchen, looking for the delicious candy furnace she'd made the night before. Those donuts were special because they were made with the last ingredients given by her family as a gift for her journey.

_ (Zommie) See Kitty, I'll teach you how to make delicious things like these! Kawaii Kitty nodded and pointed to a large baking tray, saying:

_ (Kawaii Kitty) Ghh-oow!

_ (Zommie) Really? Are you a skilled cook? That's Cool! Said Zommie while taking the baking tray for Kitty.

With quick movements, K.K. took one of Zommie's Donuts and cut it into several small pieces with her claws, distributing the pieces over the tray, then, she started to make strange movements with her little paws, massaging the pieces of Donuts while chanting:

_ (Kawaii Kitty) Prrrrh-Prrrrh-Prrrrh-Prrrrhhh [...]



_ (Zommie) Oooohh, so this is the beautiful song of the cooks of your land, what wonderful poetics!

_ (Kawaii Kitty) [...] Prrrrh-Prrrrh-Prrrrh-Prrrrhhh [...]

Kitty's little horn abruptly lit up, like a lamp, emitting colored lights that vibrated and swirled all around the place. Suddenly the donut pieces started to grow, becoming whole donuts!

Zommie became even more impressed when she noticed that the Donuts in front of Kitty now seemed to increase in size and their toppings and fillings began to blend toward the air! She barely believed what she was looking at, not knowing whether to be scared or hungry.

_ (Kawaii Kitty) Hiiisssss!

_ (Zommie) Yay, food time! Said Zommie, as she jumped over the Donuts, devouring them as fast as she could following Kitty's "orders"!

No matter how much they ate, the Donuts kept growing and multiplying until breaking the spaceship's walls. Zommie and K.K. flew in outer space devouring the giant donuts non-stop. The gluttony continued voraciously until one of the Donuts get bigger, and bigger and-

- CLLEEEENNNGGGGGG !!! - (noise of a metallic object hitting the ground)


- Nnnnhh-Aahh! - (breath abruptly interrupted sound)

Zommie wakes up startled by the metallic sound getting up in a rush to check the sound's source.

While running into the kitchen, Zommie sees Kawaii Kitty devouring the huge batch of Donuts that Zommie had made the night before, the little rogue managed to knock the tray off the top of the shelf, causing all the noise!

Zommie then remembers teaching Kitty how to fix the ship... the giant donuts... the explosion... "It's obvious I was dreaming!" she thought.

Although confused, she turned out to be very angry looking at little Kitty eating her last precious donuts.

Noticing Zommie's anger, Kitty turns to her, surprising the unicorn with her almost tearing eyes in an irresistible sad face.

_ (Kawaii Kitty) Meow Mee ooww...

Zommie's heart melts at Kitty's "words" and the unicorn nods, saying:

_ (Zommie) No K.K., I won't judge you this time, but don't do it again! Humph!

Donut Judge Me

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