Kawaii Kitty

In her first adventure outside Al-Mon, Zommie Mommie decided to visit the famous constellation of Gemini, a close neighbor to the constellation of Monoceros, her homeland.

The truth is that Zommie was still learning to operate the crystal-powered, Luminous Horn ship to navigate through space. Wishing to visit the brightest stars in the constellation of Gemini, Castor, and Pollux, she ended up getting into some trouble while zigging when she should have been zagging.

The unicorn has accidentally entered the Medusa Nebula, a spacious area filled with lots of tiny celestial bodies, planet remnants, and radiation that makes the whole scene splendidly colored.

Within the nebula area, safe travel became more difficult! Zommie greatly improved her spaceship flying skills while having to constantly dodge small asteroids and having to maintain the ship's control while getting hit with massive amounts of radioactive turbulence.

After crossing the Nebula and almost reaching its edge, three small asteroids collided and the resulting pieces were propelled into Zommie's ship! The unicorn kept her cool and was able to land on the only nearby planet to do some repairs.

As she got closer to the surface, she realized there was nothing but snow and ice, as far as the eye could see. This was definitely going to be a cold planet to be stuck on. 

After a few days of work, Zommie had finally finished fixing the ship. It had been weeks since she had left Al-Mon and without the distraction of the repairs,  Zommie was really missing her family and friends. The cold, lonely place increased her feelings of homesickness, so Zommie decided to pick up her acoustic guitar to warm her cold feelings.

The sun had started to set. She looked for a place where she could build a fire and sit comfortably to gaze at the twinkle in the sky that was her homeland. Zommie ended up finding a large cave of ice. For a few hours, Zommie watched her home constellation from afar, as she played and sang out her feelings at the edge of the cave opening.

Zommie was so used to always having the people she loved all around her. At the same moment that she felt happy to be living her dreams, she also felt some sadness from being so lonely while traveling through the stars without anyone by her side. Tears began to flow down her face, and she decided it was time to sleep. She wanted to make her cave fire big enough that it would last through the night, so she added all the wood she had gathered at once!

The fire got so big, that it caused a big wall of ice to start melting. To her surprise, the melting wall began to reveal a round, metallic object. As the colors and shape became more clear, it was apparent this was not a natural formation.

The object, now freed and unfrozen, appeared to be some high-tech spherical container! Zommie had never seen any material like it.

As she approached, the sphere seemed to interact with her horn! The object began to hover off the ground, and a theater of lights began orbiting around the beautiful sphere. The lights moved faster and faster until the container opened, revealing a beautiful sleeping kitty-like creature, that had the cutest horn zommie ever saw!

Zommie was delighted with her discovery of the little sleeping creature. The kitty’s little nose twitched a few times and its eyes started to open. Upon waking up from a timeless sleep, the little kitty, greeted Zommie with a deep purr and a happy kitty-smile:

_ (Creature) Meoowww!. Said the sleepily little creature.

_ (Zommie) How cute you are! Welcome! I am Zommie Mommie.

_ (Creature) Me-o-o-oh!

_ (Zommie) Yes my dear, from now on, neither of us will be alone anymore.

_ (Creature) Me-oww?!

_ (Zommie) Yes, really! Sweet little kitty, do you have a name?

_ (Creature) Me-ow!

_ (Zommie) Kawaii? What a beautiful name! You remind me of my first kitty, from back on the farm! Can I call you Kawaii Kitty?

_ (Creature) Meeeee-ow!

_ (Zommie) Yay yay! Well come with me Kawaii, let's get out of this cold, I'll introduce you to your new home!

From then on, Kawaii Kitty, sometimes called simply Kawaii, became an inseparable companion of Zommie, and the newest member of her stellar family!

Kawaii Kitty

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